Happy stories from some satisfied cats and people!

Alex D – Mackie D – Dexter – Dick & Harry

Dexter 1 & Dexter 2      Bobo & Dex 1 fka Dick & Harry twins 14         Mackie D _ Dex 2 & Alex D window trio 14

We LOVE Dexter 2. He is such a sweet boy. He is always snuggled up with me when watching TV. He comes running in the morning when we wake up. He follows us everywhere and really is such a lover. Thank you for bringing him into our life.

He was a little aggressive when we first brought him home. He never took the dominant role as the new cat in town. He has settled down a bit and every day he gets better. He is really bonding with Alex. They love to play chase.

Alex is doing well. He has gained some weight which I am happy about. He is very playful. We sometimes joke about him being the “old man” of the house but the most active at times. He loves to chat still.  He sits with me all day while I work. Cole would do that too. It is nice to have the company when the work day can be stressful.

Dexter1 and Bobo (Dick and Harry) are one of a kind. We will never find two cats like these guys. Bobo has a special bond with Mark and is always on him and needing his attention. They are really great cats. We were joking the other day about when we adopted them and how we thought taking 2 at the same time was a huge step for us and now look at us now with 6 that we absolutely love!

Mackie is great! He has really gained a lot of weight. He is the largest of them all, but the youngest. He likes to eat when others are eating so he is ALWAYS eating. We can usually find him laying somewhere random on the floor in an odd spot. He is a big boy but so very pretty and sweet. It took him a few months to come out of his shell. He bonds nicely with Bobo and Dexter and we can usually find him cuddled up with one of them when he is not lying in a random spot on the floor.

We also get a chuckle out of telling people the story of how we have two cats with the same name. hahaha

We also have a non CAR rescue- Sophie. She is the only girl. She is crabby but sweet. She bonded with Cole. We got her shortly after we had Sweeney.

I hope you are well and want to thank you so much for all the magic you do at CAR. Our life is better because of it. These cats bring us so much joy. Thank you!

-Gina & Mark D.

Louie & Lacey fka Satchmo D & Neeters D


Louie is laying on my desk as I type this note to you.  He is the man of the house now as I had to put down my terrier mix, Russell, last month.  He developed an acute attack of pancreatitis and we have no idea where it came from.  He was doing just great and had even had his teeth cleaned and BOOM.  It was so sudden.  The good news is he did not suffer too much.

I know Louie misses him because he really liked Russell.

His latest activity is taking all the bottle caps.  He knows when I open a bottle and he lays in wait to get the cap.  He is a very feisty guy.  He is everywhere and is certainly a mama’s boy.  He enjoys Cinder, the yellow Lab.  He tries to nuzzle and cuddle with her and sometimes he tries to groom her face.

He and Lacey continue to be great pals.  Lacey is also getting very affectionate.  The little family unit is good.

Please find a photo of two very happy cats in their forever home.  They are so much fun and get along beautifully.  I am a huge proponent of adopting two together.  It is so nice for them to have a companion and they are so entertaining. – Mary Kay

 Lucy update

Hello everyone at CAR!  I’m wondering if you all remember Lucy?  I’m sure if some of you are still at CAR from ’08, you couldn’t forget her!
I just wanted to send you all an update.  If you remember, you know how difficult Lucy was, being as though she was such a sweet cat that came from a loving home but then put into CAR for adoption at the age of 5 because the family had a baby.  Lucy was in CAR for a year and a half!!  Now knowing my sweet, sweet Lucy, I can’t believe she went through that.
When we first brought her home it was such a challenge because she was so pent up and hypersensitive from her long ordeal.   We brought her home to our resident cat Sylvester.  It was so hard that I wanted to send Lucy back to CAR.  Yolanda even came to my house to get her, but we couldn’t get Lucy in the carrier.  What a fight she put up!  She knew she had it good here!  My husband convinced me to give her another chance so she stood.
Well, I can happily report that she is my shadow, my sweetheart.  My husband, Sylvester and I do not know what we would do without her.
I also wanted to write you because I want other families to know how rewarding it is to adopt an older cat.  Lucy was 7 when we adopted her.  She was in CAR for a year and a half because nobody wanted an older cat.  But…the gratitude that she has is so obvious to us.  It’s been such a pleasure watching her settle into our family.  It took a lot of love and patience on our end and huge trust on Lucy’s end.  I don’t blame her one bit for being difficult when we first got her; I would have been too.
Thank goodness my husband wanted to give her another chance because I shudder to think of where she would be if we didn’t because I can’t imagine her with anyone else but us!  She means the world to me.  She is the sweetest, most well-behaved, grateful little creature you can possibly imagine.  This Thanksgiving will be 6 years since Lucy came to us and how grateful we are!
Please keep in touch if any of you wonderful volunteers remember Lucy.
Carlotta, Tony and Sylvester

Fannie Mae & Baby Jambalaya update


This is Elizabeth mother of Fannie and Jamba! I just wanted to drop by and update you on their happy lives! I attached pictures so you can see for yourself! They love the warm weather!  They both love sitting in the window and enjoying the sun! They love to look at all the doves that like to sit on my roof! Fannie may has come a long way! She loves to play with her fish attached to a pole! Also she has become very fond of playing with the laser! She RUNS, yes Runs after the red dot! Fannie May and Jamba like to sleep on our bed for half the night then explore the house when it’s time to play! We are so happy the two baby cats chose us! We are a very happy family!  I’m so happy I bring out Fannies happiness! That’s why I love senior cats…they still have spunk and a lot of love to give. Fannie and Jamba really make mine and Anthony’s life so happy. We always talk about how life wouldn’t be the same without them! Best decision we have made! I attached a couple more pics to show how they sleep. It melts my heart! -Elizabeth

Dakota & Antonio update


Dakota was another senior guy looking for a home, and after some time need a buddy. Antonio was just the perfect guy!

These super sweet rescue boyz are great together.  Dakota needed a pal . . and Antonio is the purrfect match.


Sable update

Hi, I’m Sable and I used to live at the PetSmart Charities adoption center after I lost my family. I spent my days looking out the window for my people to come get me or sleeping. Found abandoned with a wound on my chest, I was not a happy cat and I would not react at all when anyone would try to get my attention. Then one day a lady came around the corner and came right up to my window. She tried to get my attention, but I ignored her. She came inside and they let her hold me — I grumbled at her. She came back again and again and I acted like I didn’t know she was there. She kept talking to me and petting me and I just grumbled at her even though I really liked it. The fifth time she came to see me, I pretended to be asleep all the while she was telling me about her home and her kitty that she lost to cancer about the same time I lost my family. She put a note on my cage and told me she would be back in a couple of days to take me home. I didn’t believe her because I had so many people come in and look at me and say what a pretty kitty I was and then they left. I heard people say that I would be hard to adopt out because of my “attitude” (and my beautiful coat is black) so why would she want me. Well — she came back! I watched her sign all these papers and when she was done, I jumped down from my cage and rubbed against her ankle. I let her pick me up and put me in the carrier. I was going home!! I talked to her all the way home and when she let me out of the carrier, I checked out the accommodations for a little while and then jumped up on the bed so she could pet me. I didn’t grumble or hiss anymore and I found my forever home! Now when I sit by my windows, I am looking at the birds and squirrels and I am a happy cat!

Hi- I’m Nancy, Sable’s Mom. From the minute I put down the pen after signing those papers, Sable became a different cat. She was just not beautiful on the outside, she was beautiful on the inside and finally let me see that. From that moment on, we are having fun getting to know and love each other. It is almost 4 weeks since we came home. I knew when I first saw her she had a broken heart and so did I. We are healing together. She is so well adjusted, so polite and sweet. This is a benefit of adopting an adult cat — most of my cats came to me as adults and I never regretted not knowing them as a kitten. Please do not pass by an “older” cat. Cats can live a very long and loving life and adult cats seem to know they are lucky to have been chosen. So if you find yourself drawn to an adult cat – take a chance, give it a little time and you will not be sorry!


Maize fka Brenda Q


maize fka brenda q

Hi, my name is Mazie. I became homeless through no fault of my own, being found in a foreclosed home. Luckily for me I was taken in by the Chicagoland Animal Rescue (CAR). When I was ready, I took up residence at the CAR adoption center in PETSMART.

It was nice at PETSMART. I had my own space, food, water and even my own litter box. People would come by and pet me & sometimes hold me. For some reason though, I was never really comfortable around the other cats, and it seemed like something was missing.

One Friday afternoon a couple of college students, a brother and sister, stopped by.   As they made their way around the room I heard them say their mom and dad were ready to have a cat again. In addition, they mentioned that their parents were looking for a little older cat. With the college students living away at school for most of the year, and the parents working during the day, they thought an older cat might be a nice fit. BINGO—I would be purrfect.   When the college kids came by my cage I got as close to the bars as possible and rubbed against their hands. They spent some time visiting all the cats and then left. Ouch… I had been here for a while and should have known not to get my hopes up.

Two days later, on Sunday, 3 people came into the room. I recognized one of them. It was the college girl and she must be with her parents. The family visited with some of the cats and held me. I was friendly with the family but growled at the other cats that were out. Sorry about the growling Tinny, but this was my family. (Also congrats Tinny, I hear you went home with a family the following Saturday).  The people from CAR left the room while the family held, pet & talked about me. It didn’t take long before they signaled the CAR reps. They had made a decision.

Sooooooooo they picked me.

I am adjusting very quickly to my family. They do seem surprised when they sit down to dinner. I will rub against their legs and feet & then quietly jump into the empty chair tucked beneath the table and fall asleep. I guess they haven’t heard how important it is for family to be together at dinner time. Family, yep I found mine and my Forever Home.

*Note from the family.. Although we were informed how sweet Mazie was when away from the other cats, she is so much more than any of us could have imagined. Her personality blossomed quickly once she had a home of her own again.

She loves to be pet, brushed and sit on laps (and will stay for hours). She loves to play and tends to follow family members throughout the house. Mazie has found a couple of favorite spots where she enjoys laying in the sun that comes through the windows, both morning and late afternoon. The fact that she is a bit older seems to aid her in adjusting seamlessly to her new surroundings.

An area Mazie still might need some adjusting to would be trust. She watches closely when we prepare to leave and might have some separation anxiety. I believe, in time, she will learn that we will always return. Return from our daily responsibilities, to share the love of family, with her as the newest member.